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Filippo di Mauro is a renowned international / macro economist and productivity expert. He is the founder and chairman of CompNet, a research network on productivity analysis, which also produces a top standard firm-level data based dataset. The network includes major international organisations, central banks, and statistical institutes, as well as academic institutions. He is also a senior fellow at the Halle Institute of Economic Research (IWH)

Current research includes:

1) Productivity and resource reallocation using firm level data; and

2) Modelling global linkages and business cycle forecast, including global trade and value chains.


Filippo di Mauro has more than 30 years of applied economic experience as economist and research manager in Central Banks (Bank of Italy (1984-1990, 1996-98), US Federal Reserve Board (May-September 2010), European Central Bank (1998-2016)) and International Development organizations (Asian Development Bank (1990-94), IMF (1986-88, 1994-96)). He joined the ECB since the start of its operations in 1998 and he directed since then (and up to 2010) the international economic analysis and the global economy forecast in its Economics department.

Mr. di Mauro has a wide record of publications, including in academic journals such as the Journal of Applied Econometrics, Journal of International Money and Finance, Economic Policy. An economics graduate of University of Rome, di Mauro holds an MA and a PhD in Economics, from the University of Chicago and the American University, respectively.

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